Product Description

TrueOS® (formerly known as PC-BSD) began in 2005 when Kris Moore presented the first beta version of a FreeBSD operating system pre-configured for desktop use. Since then, TrueOS® has matured into a polished, feature-rich, free-of-charge, open source operating system that meets the desktop or server needs of the beginner to the advanced user alike.

TrueOS is based on the legendary security and stability of FreeBSD. TrueOS follows FreeBSD-CURRENT, with the latest drivers, security updates, and packages available. Also, our brand new driver package brings in support for newer Intel graphics chipsets and hardware. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading features like PersonaCrypt, which allows encrypting your user home directory and carrying it to other TrueOS machines. TrueOS also supports GELI full disk encryption, keeping your data secure even in the case of physical theft. So go ahead and give us a try. If you hit any snags along the way, we are glad to help.

TrueOS is built on top of FreeBSD to make the best desktop possible by bringing in these amazing system level additions:

  • TrueOS uses LibreSSL for everything
  • Full clang functionality built from ports
  • TrueOS upgrades use boot environments and never touch your live system
  • Linux DRM 4.9 (Supports modern Intel graphics – Broadwell, Skylake)
  • Ports and packages compiled with more options

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Rob Braxman